Gary Snipes

Senior Vice President of Nth Zone ™ Moving

Nth Zone ™ Moving Senior Vice President Gary Snipes is a second-generation mover with more than 40 years of industry experience.

For 15 years, he owned and operated two successful moving companies with annual revenues exceeding $5 million dollars a year. But before taking on the reins as owner, Gary spent years learning every aspect of the business from sweeping floors and driving trucks, to making sales and managing crews. Today, Gary has sold his moving companies and is dedicated to sharing his business experience and advice with fellow moving entrepreneurs.

From Employee to Owner

Gary’s parents started two moving companies in the mid-1950s, located about 100 miles apart in two separate markets. From an early age, Gary was encouraged by his parents to learn the ins and outs of the industry. He started by sweeping warehouse floors and washing trucks in middle school. As he entered high school, Gary became part of the service crew and worked his way up to lead driver. This early experience allowed Gary to gain thorough knowledge and understanding of the day-to-day operations of a moving company. 

As Gary entered college, he decided to take the next step toward becoming a moving business owner. He stepped away from the operational side of the company and segued into sales and management. When it came time for his parents to retire, Gary had mastered every aspect of the business. He took out a small business loan and bought both of his parents’ moving companies. He successfully owned and operated both businesses for 15 years before selling them to a local competitor for a profit.

Now, as Nth Zone ™ Moving Senior Vice President, Gary Snipes shares his 40+ years of hard-earned knowledge and the lessons he’s learned from spending so many years in the industry.