Book More Jobs with a Virtual Assistant to Answer Calls, Coordinate Appointments, Conduct Virtual Survey, and Provide Top-Notch Customer Service!

How Dedicated Service Works

The Nth Zone™ Dedicated Service will match you with a fully-trained virtual assistant to answer your calls, provide Virtual Surveys, and handle all of your customer service needs. This agent will work exclusively with your company and become like a member of your own team. They’ll know your brand, business, and workflows like the back of their own hand! Plus, agents can handle other office administrative tasks as needed. Any task that can be done remotely, your agent can do for you!

Save Yourself Time + Money

Let Us Do the Hiring For You!

Leave the stress of recruiting and training a good employee to us. We’ll field the resumes, calls, and interviews to find you the perfect match. Then, we’ll handle the bulk of training, payroll, and paperwork too. Not only will the Dedicated Service save you time, but it will also save you plenty in taxes and fees.

  • No Payroll Taxes
  • Zero Recruitment Fees
  • No Workers Comp. Insurance

Highly Skilled Agents

Ready to Convert Callers into Customers

Prior to working for you, your agent will undergo our rigorous customer service training that teaches agents how to put customers at ease and book jobs. They’ll put our proven strategies and script to work for your business so you can stop losing jobs to competitors and earn more.

Moving Virtual Surveys

Moving Virtual Surveys are Included as Part of the Dedicated Service Package

The Virtual Survey (VS) is becoming the most popular choice for moving estimates. It is more convenient, accurate, cost-effective, and efficient than other methods. Virtual Surveys use video conferencing technology and a skilled agent to guide customers through their homes and identify items that need to be moved. VS allows the customer to schedule their survey when they want without having to invite multiple strangers into their home. Plus, VS will allow your business to conduct a much higher volume of surveys per day than you would be able to do in person. More surveys mean more leads and more sales for your business.

The Virtual Survey Process

From scheduling the appointment and conducting the virtual survey to providing an accurate estimate and booking the job, your Nth Zone™ dedicated agent will handle every step of the process for you.

  • Scheduling Appointments. As a trained customer service expert, your agent will skillfully answer customer questions and get them to schedule a Virtual Survey appointment.

  • Confirmation + Coordination. As soon as the survey is scheduled, your virtual assistant will communicate clear instructions with customers on what tools and technology they will need for the survey to take place.

  • Guiding the Customer. During the survey, your agent will employ our user-friendly software to guide the customer room-by-room throughout their home, gathering all data necessary for an accurate estimate.

  • Providing Estimates + Closing Deals. After the survey is complete and the video call has ended, your agent will watch a recording to accurately create an estimate. Then, they’ll reach out to share the information with the customer and use their sales training to close the deal.

Office Administrative Assistance

Although Dedicated Service Agents are highly-skilled at booking jobs, they can also handle a wide range of other administrative tasks to help you streamline your workflows, generate more leads, and grow your business.

A Dedicated Service agent handles invoices, payments and reports for her moving client
  • Generate Reports and Process Payments. Free up your time by having your Dedicated Agent handle invoices and payments. They can even generate weekly reports to keep your business on track.

  • Send Marketing Emails. Generate more leads by having your Dedicated Service agent create marketing email campaigns.

  • Conduct Light Dispatching. If a last-minute booking request comes in, leave it up to your Dedicated Service agent to find a slot that makes your customer happy and makes you more money.

  • Request Reviews and Make Follow-up Calls. Get more 5-star reviews on Google, Yelp, and Facebook by asking your agent to make follow-up emails and calls with customers. This vital extra step will create quality assurance and help you grow your moving business.

  • Reply to Email Inquiries. Agents can answer your business emails to get back to potential customers faster.

  • Manage Lead-Generating Platforms. Never miss a potential customer on Home Advisor, Yelp or Angie’s List again with the help of your Dedicated Agent. They’ll sniff out leads and connect with potential customers needing your moving services.

Take Back Your Time!

It’s important to answer the phone for all your customers, but sometimes, having to be at the beck and call of a device in your pocket can be frustrating. What if you’re in the middle of a move? Or how about if you’re at home, trying to enjoy a movie with the family? Nth Zone™ Dedicated Service is here to help you reclaim your life while ensuring potential customers never turn to your competition for help.

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